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Houses For Rent in Starkville, MS

Houses For Rent in Starkville, MS – Currently Listed by ERA Town & Campus Realty

Finding houses for rent in Starkville, MS can be a daunting task. Given the number of people that are associated with Mississippi State University residing in Starkville, rentals can be hard to locate. Most successful home searches occur months in advance of the start of the school year in August. Here are some tips to help with your rental property search in Starkville. As always, you can contact our office and ask for an updated list of available properties.

  1. Online Rental Platforms: Websites like Realtor.com, Rent.com, and Apartments.com allow you to search for rental properties by location, price range, and other criteria. You can specify Starkville, MS, as your location and filter the results to show houses for rent.
  2. Local Real Estate Agencies: Contact real estate agencies in Starkville directly. ERA Town & Campus Realty has listings for rental properties, including houses. You can find these agencies through an online search or by visiting their offices.
  3. Classified Ads: Check local newspapers or online classified ads such as Craigslist for rental listings in Starkville. Sometimes, landlords and property managers post ads directly in these publications.
  4. Social Media: Find companies like ERA Town & Campus Realty on Facebook, Instagram, X, YouTube and many other channels. They often share rental listings or may know of available properties through word of mouth.
  5. Drive Around: Take a drive or walk around neighborhoods in Starkville and look for “For Rent” signs. Some landlords may not advertise online and rely on signage to attract tenants.
  6. University Resources: If you’re a student or affiliated with Mississippi State University, check university bulletin boards, websites, or housing offices for rental listings geared towards students.
  7. Word of Mouth: Let friends, family, and colleagues know that you’re looking for a rental in Starkville. They might know someone who is renting out a property or can provide useful leads.

By utilizing these methods, you should be able to find a variety of houses for rent in Starkville, MS, and choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

Here is a short list of addresses currently available for rental starting in August of 2024 from ERA Town & Campus Realty, (662) 615-6077.